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Indoor Air Quality

Do You Suffer From Allergies? Frequent Colds?

What the heck is I.A.Q.? (and why should I care?)

Fair questions! A buzzword (or would it be buzzacronym?) in our industry, IAQ stands simply for Indoor Air Quality.

Advances in technology and a greater understanding of allergens have made it possible for Jansen’s to provide you with many cost-effective means of making your home’s air cleaner, safer and, well, more comfortable.

Those for whom allergies give fits benefit particularly from our products, but even our customers who don’t suffer from the wheezes and sneezes remark that the air seems fresher in the home.

Whether a new whole-house humidifier, an ultra-violet duct light, a filtration system, or an entire clean comfort package, you’ll really feel the difference.

Based upon your home and family’s particular needs, we can customize a package perfect for you.

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