Zoning is a heating and air conditioning control system designed for the way you use your home.

With a zoning system, each area of your home is given customized
heating and cooling control.

Home zoning – installed in a new home or retro-fitting a current home – solves the issues associated with a single thermostat by putting the control where it’s needed.

Zoning provides the comfort and control you expect in your home, while using less energy to operate your heating and cooling equipment.

Putting Home Comfort
in Your Hands

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How Home Zoning Works

Zoning is controlled by a central system that controls dampers in your ductwork.

The best part is, to ensure the dampers will not break down and need replacing, the system is powered by air from a control panel – it uses air instead of motors or wires in our dampers. You won’t find that in any other zoning system.

When you’re ready to have control of your comfort, Jansen’s will work with you to determine how many zones you want. They’ll help you decide based on:

  • Your Family Members
  • The Construction of the House
  • Size of the House
  • What Rooms are Used & When
  • The Direction & Exposure of the Sun on Your House

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The Install

Once the number of rooms and zones have been divided, one of Jansen’s trained professional installers will install dampers in existing ductwork.

The zoning system Jansen’s uses is designed so there is virtually no need to modify your ductwork. That means it’s a quick installation eliminating the need for an additional furnace or air conditioning unit.

There’s a good chance Jansen’s can install the zone system in one day.

Service after the sale? Yes!

We can take care of your home comfort year after year with our Dr. Comfort Club maintenance program.

Our 24 hour emergency service is available if needed, so you can rest easy knowing that we have everything covered for your HVAC system.